Who Says You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, Huh?

Doesn't Matter How Old You Or Your Dog Is...

*I Can Teach You to Write for Fun, Grades or Profit!*

How can I make such a bold claim? 

I'm Kristi Sayles - Your Writing Coach....I Can Make You A Better Writer.

 I'm a writing/technology teacher at Camden Elementary School in Camden, Tennessee. I love to teach kids.

But I love to teach adults as well.

One of my favorite teaching positions was as a teacher of adults that wanted to learn to read. Many of them were older people that just missed out on learning the skill due to having to go to work to support the family. 

Not so many years ago, I was a college teacher's assistant at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. I taught college kids to LOVE learning child psychology! (Not an easy task, I tell you.)

I even teach teachers! The superintendent of our school district often writes grants that allow other teachers to get subs so they can come to my classroom to watch me teach the skill of writing! No joke.

I love to teach. I'm used to people asking me questions that they think are dumb. There's no such thing as a dumb question. Really. There's not. If you want to know something, then you should ask. It's that simple. (As one of my dear friends recently pointed out...there are no dumb questions-only dumb answers.)

That's not the kind I plan to reply with. lol

Which brings me back to why I believe I can teach you how to be a successful writer.

Nobody was born with the skills of internet marketing or writing-not even me. ;)

I learned them. So I can teach them.

Introducing what I call...

The Smart Author Success System

What IS the Smart Author Success System?

Let me answer that with a question...

What do ALL marketing materials contain? Words.

To a marketer, words are the tools of the trade.

Just think about the power of the written word...

I am the writing coach that can help you to harness that power and transform your marketing success.

But I hear you saying...what if I don't know HOW to write these things?

You're in luck, because I do.

I've created a whole line of writing software tools just for you.

They walk you through the process of writing all of these:

1. Article marketing articles -uniquely your own-not the pre-packaged kind

2. Special Reports created specifically for the purpose of list building and credibility

3. Sales letters that glue your targeted reader to your site

4. Press releases created for the sole purpose of building up your online income-not just media exposure. ( But that could happen too. )

5. Grant proposals that could lead to your getting free cash for your business dreams

6. Book proposals that could get your foot in the door with major publishers

7. Reviews that build your exposure and credibilty

8. Advertising plans, so you will know your numbers

9. Business plans so that you will be more prepared for the future

10. Marketing plans so you will always know your next step

But don't just take my word for it...


Thank you so very much for the coaching help you gave me! You completely over-delivered. I've been purchasing so many internet marketing courses, software, and e-books that I'm suffering from information overload. You, however, have been able to clear the smoke for me and I'm on my way to actually putting some of these things to use now! Thank you so much! I can't wait 'til our next training session.

Mary Harris, BeHappyandHealthy.info

Just How Did I Get So Smart?

Several years ago I asked a question...

"How did you create that software program?"

The young genius explained the details of making software. It wasn't hard at all! I was brimming over with ideas for new writing programs, so I created one and sold it that very week for $97! I was hooked. That was the first of 25 that I now market and refer to as my Smart Author Software Collection.

That's when I decided to go on a quest for more knowledge about writing for the internet. I acquired everything I could afford from Mark Joyner, Willie Crawford, Jonny Andrews, Jason Mangrum, Mike Morgan, Stephanie Mulac, Michel and Sylvie Fortin, John Childers, Joe Vitale, John Reese, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Alderson, Keith and Jeff Wellman, and many more successful marketers.

I began to branch out from my business into other activities such as affiliate marketing, multl-level marketing, teleseminars, public speaking, and selling on eBay. I noticed that the better my writing-the more sales I piled up.

That's when I started seeing notifications of payment in my inbox daily! And real "cashable checks in my mail box often!

I began to research the very best copywriting techniques by interviewing the BEST copywriters on the net-including Million Dollar Mike Morgan, Jason Mangrum, Mark Joyner, and Michel Fortin-among others.

I would love to tell you that I did it all by myself, without any help from anyone, but that would simply be untrue. If it wasn’t for the guidance of my personal mentors and internet marketing coaches (who actually cared about my personal success) then I would still be scratching my head and wondering how people were able to make money online. Each one of these awesome people emphasized how CRUCIAL good writing is to have internet marketing success!

You see, I understand how confusing things can get when you are starting out. I know that even if you have the best set of directions and the most detailed step-by-step guide that you can still find yourself needing a little extra explanation, a little more reassurance, and a lot of encouragement. (And who doesn't need a swift kick in the pants to get moving instead of just dreaming, huh?)

I know that no one else out there is offering this kind of mentoring program, or at least one that doesn’t cost over $10,000 per year. And I have finally decided to do something about it. This economy is screaming for a real problem solving solution.

This is how one lovely customer that has ordered every writing tool I've created feels...

Thank you Kristi,

I think you are God's present to me.
I truly appreciate your time and help.
I can not put it any better.

Vaya Pukli

More Than Just Good Information...

I know that I’ve said this before, but there are numerous websites online right now that you can purchase a guide or a report that will give you good, solid advice and a step-by-step guide.

But the problem with all of these websites is that that’s all it is – good information.

Sounds like it would be almost impossible to experience any level of success with a simple eBook, doesn’t it? Well, eBooks are part of the process-but not the entire process. They are like a piece of a finished puzzle. I help you to figure out what the puzzle box top should look like, so we'll know exactly what puzzle pieces to use.

Well, you don’t have to worry about any of that anymore. With my personal Smart Author Internet Success System I’m going to give you more than you ever dreamed possible. I'm going to teach you to express yourself in the most vivid way possible-through the use of words.

The Bible says, a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pitchers of silver...I agree. I want to teach you how to use just the right words in your writing.

Have you ever seen an article that has good content, yet very little enthusiasm? How likely are you to want to investigate the author further? But, on the other hand, when you read an article with great content and obvious zeal for the subject matter, don't you want to continue reading the entire article-including the resource box at the end containing the author's bio? Of course you do! You wouldn't be reading the article at all if you weren't interested, so you will surely check out this appealing author and his offer! I want to teach you how to capture that zeal in writing-without hype. Nobody likes hype, least of all, me.

I’m not only going to give you the training that you need to become an excellent wordsmith, I’m also providing you with the software and the tools. But, most importantly, I’m going to be your own personal mentor. You will get my own personal email address and become a part of our private Mastermind forum.

Hi Kristi--

I really like your honest approach to marketing. In one letter you warned against downloading free materials just because they cost nothing. What a sage piece of advice. Thousands of folks have thousands of gigabytes of "dead" junk, downloaded just because it was gratis, not immediately useful.

The other side of that advice is to buy everything that will increase productivity and profit. That is true of every Smart Author program I have gotten from you.

Great advice and outstanding products! What more could we ask from you?

No wonder I so dearly love you.


Larry Winebrenner

Have you ever ordered an internet marketing kit, program or eBook only to be confused or stumped half way through?

You thought for sure that you had found the golden goose-only to find that your goose was cooked when you realized that you had no idea how to actually "do" anything that the program suggested.

Do you ever wish that you had a personal mentor that could just hold your hand and walk you through understanding all the mumbo jumbo?

I see you nodding your head, so keep reading...

I want to teach you everything I know about writing for the internet.

Have you ever heard of any guru or any profitable marketer that made it big WITHOUT having a mentor?

Nah, Of course you haven’t – everyone who has ever made it big or who has experienced any level of success has had a mentor that helped them through the tough parts and provided that much-needed kick-in-the-rear-end encouragement!

You see, there are plenty of programs to help new marketers get started, and some of them provide a great wealth of helpful and useful information. But there is one thing that all of these programs lack… a mentor.

They give you the details and the specifics – but they don’t give you the much needed help and encouragement along the way. These new marketer programs practically set you up to fail!

If you're like most folks, you probably just need a good kick in the rear to get you started and then you're off and running!

My program is different. The Smart Author System gives you, not only the step-by-step guide and the tools – but you also get an experienced internet marketing coach/writing coach as your own personal mentor. But be warned, I'm tough. I give assignments and expect for them to be done because I'm investing my time and energy into you. I expect you to take this seriously and be ready to get started with immediate action steps. I'm not much on concepts. I expect action and once I discuss your goals with you, we will create a personalized action plan for you.


With My Smart Author Internet Success System You Will Receive:

My Exclusive Software Collection

Want to see more SmartAuthor Software?

My Exclusive Software Collection

Want to see more SmartAuthor Software?

Basically I’m going to give you the step-by-step guide with all the information and the know-how that you need to earn a considerable income online with your writing if that's what you desire- and yes, I’m going to go the extra step and give you the software and the tools (most of them designed and created by me) you need.

But the most important thing that I’m going to give you… the one thing that sets me apart from everyone else, is the fact that I’m going to give you my time. I’m going to offer you the chance to contact me personally and access to our private mastermind forum if you choose that option. If you just need the tools-that's okay too.

I want to be your personal mentor. I want to hold your hand and guide you to success. I want you to know what it feels like to build your own steady stream of income with your unique writing style, and I want you to finally have the support you need to make all of this possible.

Just take a moment and read over a few of the success stories I have received...

Dear Kristi,
I was very touched by your e-mail. I have a genuine respect and admiration for people like you too, warm and genuine. This comes through in your newsletter, which is why it sets it apart from other newsletters. You genuinely seem to care about your subscribers and involve them in the newsletter as real people instead of just a business.

Take care,

Martine Meah

"I don't see how anyone couldn't whip up an excellent article fast using your Instant Article Creator."

Take care,

Mark Joyner

Thinking about working with Kristi? Let me tell you my story...

Saturday evening, while reinstalling software on my computer, I realized I didn't have the unlock code for the Smart Author software. I wrote an email to Kristi not expecting to hear from her. Within a half hour, I had an email response which is a level of service I don't even get from my cable company!

Kristi has recently begun holding teleseminars with experts she has come to know in the industry of internet marketing. Usually, these sorts of things turn into a lengthy sales pitch for whatever the expert's information product or service. Kristi is doing something very different. She is advocating for content that will help those of us out here just learning the ropes. That is such a gift!

During a recent teleseminar, I sent a note along to her and included a phone number. Immediately after the teleconference ended, my phone was ringing. What a surprise it was to hear Kristi on the other end of the line wanting to personally answer my question! It always astounds me to learn that, behind the scenes of the splash pages and autoresponder notes, there's a real person who actually cares about their subscribers' success in such a personal way!

Kristi Sayles' product, Instant Article Creator, nudges and guides our creative writing processes in such a fun way and, combined with Viral Article Publisher, a new internet author has all the tools needed to get our words out on the internet.

But that isn't what is the best part, to me. Kristi Sayles is a genuine person with loads of enthusiasm and strong ethics of customer satisfaction. She is an admirable being whom I hope to keep as my friend.

Marj Wyatt
Happy Customer

Hey Kristi,
Your new special reports generator is just what I need to create reports for my business.
Just now tested it and found to be very user friendly that anyone can whip out a report in a jiffy.
I like the step by step guidance you have built in the software.

Thanks again and wishing you all success,


Dear Kristi,

I just finished reviewing your Instant Writer Software and I am very impressed. I easily installed the software and followed the detailed yet easy instructions and created my first article. This software will work for inexperienced and experienced writers and is particularly good for people who have trouble organizing their thoughts and ideas. Writing and publishing articles is clearly the best and most frugal method of promotion available and your Instant Writer Software is a crucial component for anyone wanting to enjoy the benefits of this technique!

Best wishes,

Bonnie Jo Davis -Author - "Articles That Sell."

Want to read even MORE testimonials? You can find them HERE.

The Only Way to Ensure Your Success...

You might have tried internet marketing before, or you might just be starting out. It really doesn’t matter what your situation is you have to have a mentor or you can just hang it up.

Go ask anyone who is successful if they read a book and become successful or if they had someone who gave them advice, helped when they got confused and provided the support and encouragement they needed.

I think you already know what their answer would be.

Without a mentor all those eBooks, step-by-step guides and books are practically useless. That is why you need my personal Smart Author Success System.

Just stop and think for one second about what your life would be like if you actually were able to establish your own profitable internet business. Just imagine being able to finally get your piece of the billions of dollars that are being made on the internet right now. It's going to take the right kind of writing to acheive success like that.

Just imagine bringing in thousands of dollars each week and working half the time. What would you do? Buy a bigger house? Take more vacations? Retire in just a few years? Quit your job? It's your choice.

The possibilities are truly endless. But this will continue to only be a dream unless you finally take action and make it a reality!

What Is Your Success Worth To You?

I’m going to provide you with the step-by-step guide that you need to start your own personal writing business from scratch. I am going to give you access to my personal collection of Expert Teleseminars with well-known marketing mentors.

I am going to give you all the tools, all the software and all the resources that you are going to need. And I created most of these software applications myself – so you never have to worry about getting sub-par software that doesn’t work.

If you ever have ANY problems,you'll have my personal contact information. I'll fix it if it can be fixed.

And, most importantly, I am going to give you my time. I am going to offer one-on-one coaching on your schedule, since we'll stay in contact through email. You will also have access to my personal mastermind forum and much more. I want you to be successful and I will work with you to ensure that it happens.

You know that this is the right system for you because there is virtually nothing else out there like this. You know that this system is real because I would never offer actual conversations and my private forum if I wasn’t serious.

So, here we are at the big question… what is this level of quality and this complete package deal worth to you?

Every other mentor program out there is strictly reserved for internet marketers who are already making millions per year – and these mentorships cost anywhere from $10,000 - $100,000!

Many internet start-up programs out there only give you an eBook and sell from anywhere from $69 - $200!

So you may find it hard to believe that I’m only going to charge $97 per month for my complete and total Smart Author Internet Success System.

This includes:

That’s right. I am only charging $97 per month for this total and complete system that WILL allow you start your own internet business or writing project, or just improve the one you currently have, and finally make the income that you deserve!

When you consider that fact, then you really start seeing my Smart Author Internet Success System as an investment in you, your future and your happiness.

So, are you ready to take action and make your dreams a reality?

My Personal Test Drive Offer

I know that some of you are still skeptical, and that’s okay.. It simply means that you are no dummy.

But I want to tell you something that will eliminate all your fears… I am going to allow you to test drive my complete and total Smart Author Internet Success System for a full 60 days.

You are going to have access to everything - the information, the software and my mentorship. If you aren’t happy then all you have to do is let me know.

It’s really just that simple. You can test drive my package and see if it’s right for you, but if you aren’t happy, you can cancel your subscription with a click and that will be that. You haven't lost a thing, because you've already been given so much information, products, and services, that you couldn't possibly feel cheated.

So, Are You Ready To Finally Take Action?

I know that you aren’t going to find anyone, anywhere who is willing to give you this much information, this level of exclusive software and a personal mentorship for the price that I’m offering you (unless you just happen to be best friends with an internet marketing guru).

And you know that you have to have someone who is willing to give you advice, talk with you about your ideas and help you apply the step-by-step guide to your own niche.

So if you are really serious about earning a solid, constant and BOOMING income online then I think you know that you need to order right now.

You will have me as your personal coach through email until you decide you don't need me any more-plus all of the other products and benefits for only $97 per month!

I Want You To Teach Me Everything You Know About Writing for the Internet, Kristi

P.S. You can buy another guide or eBook, but you will never find anyone who is offering you one-on-one coaching and mentorship. You can buy other information, but you never find anyone who cares about your success.

My personal Smart Author Internet Success System is the only system of its kind. I can only accept a limited number of serious, motivated students, so if you're interested, jump on this now.

P.P.S. If you faithfully follow my individualized plan for you and are still not satisfied that I've taught valuable information that is going to continue to make money through your improved writing, then just cancel your subscription and we'll part as friends.

You still get to keep ALL of the valuable bonus gifts!

So, what are you waiting for? Please don't be one of those procrastinators that just dream of being successful.

Remember...If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

I know you've heard the line above-but have you ever really considered how true it it?

Click the link below and look for my welcoming email. I look forward to setting up your individual plan of success!


As a teacher, I can always tell who is going to be my best students-they always want to sit in the front row!

If YOU are that type of student and want personalized attention, such as personal email correspondence,

then I suggest you join the $97 per month class if it is not full right now. If it is, I'll put you on the waiting list if you contact me.

I've Heard Enough. Let Me Be One of Your Front Row Students!


If you do not require personal attention, yet want access to ALL of the products above and more, including master resale rights products, private label products, writing help products, money-making products, etc. , then I suggest you join the Second Row Student List for only $37 per month -Please understand that you may move UP or DOWN to the next row any time you want.

Let Me Be One of Your Second Row Students, Ms. Kristi


If you have all of the PLR, MMR, Writing Helps, and Money-Making Products That You Can Handle, and JUST want to access the Unique Smart Author Software Products listed, (with a limited number of useful extras) then join my Third Row Student List Below...

Add Me To Your Third Row Student List, Ms. Kristi

NOTE:Most of these software products are for PC's only at this time. I hope to change that soon. Sorry Mac Owners.

This is what you should do now....

1. Click on the top link to the row that you choose below.

2. Fill out the form with your credit card or Paypal information.

3. Do exactly what the page you receive asks, and you will be on your way!

First Row: $97 per month

Personal attention from Kristi Sayles through email correspondence

25 Smart Author Software Collection Writing Programs

Private Label Products and Instructions on How to Profit with Them Master Resale Rights Products and How to Profit with Them Dozens of Interviews with the Masters of Internet Marketing Be interviewed by Kristi Sayles for her Talk with Experts Teleseminars

Second Row: $37 per month

25 Smart Author Software Collection Writing Programs

Private Label Products and Instructions on How to Profit with Them Master Resale Rights Products and How to Profit with Them Dozens of Interviews with the Masters of Internet Marketing Be interviewed by Kristi Sayles for her Talk with Experts Teleseminars

Third Row: $10 per month

25 Smart Author Software Collection Writing Programs

Dozens of Interviews with the Masters of Internet Marketing Be interviewed by Kristi Sayles for her Talk with Experts Teleseminars

I truly wish that I could offer you this coaching program free of charge, as well as personal telephone assistance, but my time is just too limited and valuable.

Like you, I have a life too, complete with a job, husband, kids, and grandbabies that I want to spend time with. You will find that my email assistance will be quite thorough.

So if you are willing to invest in your success, sign up now. I look forwarding to being a part of your success story.

*( I can teach you to write successfully, provided that you have a basic high school education and speak English fluently.)*

It hurts me to have to add this little note, but... I know that most people are wonderful and honest, but because there are a few "professional refunders" out there, I'd like to let you know that if you are planning to download the entire program and then request a refund immediately without giving the program a chance, I ask that you not order. I have a nifty little program that prevents refunders from accessing the membership site and programs once they've requested their money back. So, save yourself the trouble and don't join my class if that's your idea of how to treat honest marketers. I only want high quality people that are willing to invest in themselves.

Please note:

To remain my student with access to all of the above, you will be charged either $97, $37, or $10 - according to the row that you have chosen. I want that fact to be in the open and made known so that neither one of us will be surprised. I don't believe in having "hidden" charges. I treat people the way I want to be treated.

(Please understand that I can only teach you to write better if you speak English fluently and have a basic education.)

Looking for the free gift that Todd mentioned?


Kristi Sayles
125 Mckelvy Rd
Camden, TN 38320
Email: kristi@kristisayles.com